What’s Cloud Computing?

“The Cloud” is the name given to a model based on web that bring ample computing resources without high investment in expensive hardware in a safe way and accessible from any place.

Using the cloud from a business standpoint allows you to expedite your business deals though quicker implementation thanks to its own flexible and scalable nature. This makes your operations more efficient and have better returns

Advantages of the Cloud from a Business standpoint

  • Allows you to focus in generating value and innovating
  • Reduces costs, be they initial or operational
  • Increases productivity and thus increases the positioning of your company.
  • Expedites the implementation of new services
  • Avoids unnecessary investment in actives like hardware and software
  • Allows you to adjust the service or grow at any moment

Cloud solutions allows your IT department to focus on bringing additional value rather than spending their time constantly maintaining and upgrading your technology infrastructure. It does this with the same security and performance as if it was located in your own business. Companies that have not adopted Cloud Computing can dedicate up to 70% of their budget in maintenance rather than allocating that same budget into new projects or innovation of products.