Implementing disaster recovery environments



A tool so the companies can migrate to the cloud or to new physical or virtual servers from any system, in any type of environment, without risks and with minimum downtime.

Companies that desire to cutback in IT costs and improve their efficiency must have in mind the advantages of virtualization and cloud computing when it comes to server load. The value you obtain from the simplifying implementation and administration on top of the lower costs in infrastructure should be obvious.

Monitoring risk in disaster recovery environments


• Automatic Detection of vulnerabilities in availability and protection of data using a knowledge pool of over 6000 risk reports

• Analysis and reporting on the potential impact on business services

• Identification of opportunities to optimize infrastructure and recommendation of better practices

• Compilation of data without agents and non-intrusive protocols of communication standard (SSH, WMI, WinRM, Storage APIs, JDBC, Sudo) without impact to the scanned environment

• Integration with leading databases in configuration administration (CMDBs), ticket administration systems and Business consoles.