App Security Validation

A tool that performs statistic revisions to code and apps. This tool is focused in detecting errors in the code’s security. Its supported languages or platforms are: Java, PHP, .NET, C, C++, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Code Reviewing

A tool to review coding and app statistics and is focused in finding defects, vulnerabilities and errors in the integrity of the code. Supported languages are: C, C++, C# and Java

Loading Tests

A tool that directs performance tests guaranteeing that the server and its critical function application can be accessed during high stress loading times. At the same time, it helps predict and prevent future interruptions in the performance of your business. Supports web devices and cloud computing through cloud technology.

Function Tests

An automated software for functional and regression tests in business applications. The automated capacities make silk the best solution to perform regression tests, localization tests, and multi-platform tests. SilkTest works in Ajax, .Net, Java, client servers and even systems like SAP.

Mobile Function Tests

A mobile test tool that allows you to realize function tests in an easy and complete way across a variety of mobile devices, assuring the best quality in our applications.