Privileged Account Management

A tool to manage privileged accounts on a business level.
With this tool you can have detailed yet audited control over who uses the accounts and how they are getting used, on top of meeting safety requirements with automated passwords.

Log Consolidation

A tool which helps you implement security solutions that lead to a more detailed activity log on your data and operation systems. Through those logs you can define alerts that allow you to react in a timely manner to security events.

With this platform you can support IBM series I, IBM series Z, Windows, SQL server, UNIX/AIX: Linux, Oracle and Solaris.

Digital Guardian

A platform that offers compliance, protection against internet user threats and advanced protection against external threats as a unique solution.

We support a wide variety use cases including data management, applications, devices, forensics and white listing. Implemented on site or through the cloud Consisa gives you a multi-functional solution so you can consolidate your end agents and reduce performance overload on them.